Shapes of Copper

Copper is a metallic chemical element (Cu) of a pale red, malleable, ductile and relatively soft color. In nature, copper is found in its pure state – native – or in minerals, more or less complex, belonging to several other classes. Copper represents the past, present in the future of humanity. Copper extraction in Portugal started in the Chalcolithic and continues today, with importance for the Portuguese economy. The photographic exhibition “Shapes of Copper” aims to present the diversity of the mineral world, using innovative WAYS to see WAYS of nature that condition WAYS of society.

The Biggest Carnivores

The myths that have always been associated with the wolf, created in the collective imagination the idea that the species was undesirable, and the best thing was to exterminate it. However, in areas where natural prey (deer and wild boar) abound, the damage caused by the wolf is almost nonexistent. The exhibition focuses on the coexistence between large European carnivores and human communities; in a realistic but optimistic perspective.